Excellent is in the name – Excellence is the aim

How a excellent design can help bring success to your business...

Is your image stopping you from getting the business?
A retail shop window is often the only information a potential customer has to decide if the shop is worth visiting. If looking inviting and appealing, then the customer will go further, however if the window looks dull, boring or just not relevant then the customer just keeps on walking. Your logo and images are your shop window to the world and will affect the decision of your customers to look further or move on.

A great logo should always…
• Be appropriate and aesthetically pleasing – a reflection of your company’s credibility.
• Be original, unique, distinctive, clean and simple (less is really more) – nothing can compete with an original logo.
• Reveal your company core message – build trust through a professional business look.
• Illustrate your key benefit with strong typography (font) – targeting your market.
• Be easy to remember, have a concept, a message, a reason or a strong name that is recognisable – giving you a marketing face to your business which continues to market your business when you are
not there.
• The creativity in designing a logo is not focusing on the subliminal—or the art—it’s in making an impact.
• Be provided in versitile industry-standard formats for future use in print, web, signs and in-house use – saves you money in the future.

Why you need a graphic designer like me…
First of all you need to find an experienced designer that specialises in logo and brand designing. Too often I see graphic designers who are a jack of all trades... a professional logo designer can do wonders with a little information about who you are, your message and who your audience is, to gain you more business through your branding. Your logo is the main weapon in your arsenal and creates the first impression, of not just who your company is, but how trustworthy it is – and in turn, how much a consumer will open up. Branding is your image, if you use creative innovation, you can really connect to
your market. Have you thought of a brand refresh to get more business?

First impressions count – is yours up to the mark?
Book in today for a free 60-minute graphic design consultation around your current company logo, brand image and supporting material over a coffee.

We will discuss how to get your “creative business advantage” and may include
• An assessment of your current logo and brand image.
• See how your brand image stacks up compared to others in the market.
• Look at your current marketing material branding: web, print and signage.
• Recommendations on how to make your company look like a winner, online and offline.
• In general, discuss creative ideas and means on how to get you more business through various promotional graphics and activities.

FaceTime, text or call Clint today on 021 11 44 014 or email clint @ xclint . com now.

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