First impressions count – is yours up to the mark?

Book in today for a free, no obligation, 60-minute graphic design or web consultation for your business...
Are you a start-up business or a small or medium business who would like to be pointed in the right direction? 
Do you want to grow your business or simply want to attract more customers? 
This chat is really a design and marketing WOF check of your current company logo, brand image, website or your supporting material over a coffee. I like to call it a FREE Design Health Check. Even if you do not have a website or are thinking about making your website mobile friendly to stay ahead in the rankings, this is the perfect time for a chat, the perfect time to reinvigorate your business, the perfect time to find out how. And what's involved?

In this session we will discuss how to get your “creative business advantage” from your brand and how to make it really perform for you. Please note, this is for a limited time.

This may include
• An assessment of your current logo, brand image and marketing.
 See how your brand image stacks up compared to others in the market.
 Look at your current marketing material branding: web, print and signage.
 Recommendations on how to make your company look like a winner, online and offline.
• How to make the most out of your website to convert customers, make it mobile-friendly or even how to control your very own website.
 In general, discuss creative ideas and means on how to get you more business through various promotional graphics and activities.

FaceTime, text or call Clint today on 021 11 44 014 or email clint @ xdc. co. nz now.

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