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Branding & Corporate Imaging (Corporate ID)

Here is a general guide to what all those buzz words mean, how they can help develop your business, and how XDC can provide these intangible services and benefits for you. 

Brand Development (Branding)…

A brand is the complete visual package that is presented to the outside world, and also to the staff inside, but most importantly the image is centered around the logo design…

The brand is a set of guidelines that govern how the logo is to be used (sizing, positioning on a page, alternative uses, etc), what colours are to be used for any secondary material like letterheads, business cards, envelopes, signage etc, what typefaces are to be used, how the website is to look and feel, and often, even what materials are to be used like paper stocks, cardboard for packaging, fabrics for clothes, etc.

Brand development is more than just design, it often involves extensive research into the psychology behind the company and the audience that company reaches out to, and usually includes the writing and design of 'Brand or Style Manuals' which explain the brand guidelines to anyone who may need to design for that brand in the future to keep it consistent. 

The benefits to your business...

Having a great logo/brand is your most strategic business tool, the ultimate benefit to your business.

There are many other benefits to you or your business that go unseen like brand recognition - you v them - who is perceived as the best most often comes down to who presents themselves the best.

This aspect has to carry throughout all marketing collateral, so this is why hiring the right designer for the job starts at the logo.

Corporate Imaging (Corporate Identity)

A corporate image (or identity) is the physical application of your logo across a range of stationary items, such as…

• Letterhead.

• Follow on paper (each page after your letterhead in a document).

• Business cards.

• Compliments slips (usually a DLE sized slip upon which short messages are hand written for your clients).

• DLE Brochures (210mm x 99mm envelope size).

• Any other printed promotional item needed (Flyers, posters, self-adhesive labels).

• Website navigation, Photoshop graphics and the look and feel.
• Vehicle graphics and signage.
• All you promotional items.
• All staff uniforms (embroidery, screen-printing or digital applications).

In todays online world, your website can often be your most important piece of marketing, and ensuring it looks good, conveys information clearly, provides easy to use and value added services and, of course, is always online, is an essential part of keeping your company out there for potential clients to access.

Are you looking to reposition, communicate your point of difference, or simply update your fonts and look to reflect current styling? Make a strong first impression or revitalise tired or dated image with a contemporary logo design from XDC. View our logo portfolio for examples. Our services include: Brand rationalisation, audits, branding and rebranding, style guides and corporate manuals.

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