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Educational Comedy

I want a big logo on my leaflet!

At XDC, we want to ensure that our clients leaflet (or any print or web campaign) provides a fantastic return on investment (ROI). We give advice about the composition of a leaflet and how to maximise the reponse. Often a sticking point with clients is the use of their logo.

Whilst we fully agree that branding is important, one mistake we see alot of is the logo being placed right at the top of the leaflet. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but the only people that care what you’re called or what your logo looks like are you and your mum!

It’s not important that people know who you are until you’ve convinced them that they need your product or service. 
Use the space at the top of the leaflet (or any other ad for that matter) for a strong, attention grabbing headline. 
Get them reading the leaflet first. Then give them your details.

I found this short video that expands on this, whilst very entertaining, it has some very important messages.