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Logo Design Essentials

Logo design is something that may effect a brand to be successful or not.

Here are the things that I work towards making an awesome business logo for you that is viable for being hosted on-line, off-line and maybe that billboard or airplane… 


Look at your competators! 

Compile a graphical list, what are they up to, what makes you so different? 

There are many questions to answer and careful consideration is given to everything to come up with the correct concept that will be contained within your logo to make it different for a reason. 

And people like this, people remember unique detail on a subconsious level.

Choosing a simple design for the logo… 

The logo designed using pictures, designs or pictographic representations should be such that is not at all complex. 

This makes it easy to be remembered, recognised and identified. 

Choosing a logo that is visible enough… 

It is important to choose a logo that stands out. 

Your business logo ought to importantly have a distinctive quality that makes it stand out from the crowd compared to similar businesses. 

Be different yet smart! 

Selecting simple, catchy slogans if needed… 

Just like the logo any slogan that may be accompanying it needs to be memorable too. 

It is the catchy and simple slogans that will be drawing all the more attention. 

If a suitable slogan cannot be chosen then you may even do away with inclusion of slogan in logo design altogether. 

This can always be added at a later date.

Creating a logo design that is timeless… 

The designing of your business logo requires considerable farsightedness and an awareness of graphical trends. 

More importantly this process requires a visionary skill and a passion to set up such a design that is not prone to becoming outdated too soon. 

Giving rise to a logo design that is movable and transformable… this is what I do (they call me the logo guy).

Designing for future use...

Your business logo needs to be made in such a manner that can be transformed from one size to another, one media to another with ease. 

It should also support the changing of color from full color to black and white for faxing purpose or be scalable from website to billboard.

Your logo will be created in such a manner that it will be the perfect format for every project, such benefit to you as a business as this reduces costs in the long run.

Plus as standard practice you get everything on disk for your very own archive!

Selecting the proper colors for a logo design… 

It is of crucial importance to make use of the right colors in the logo designed. There can be ascribed real world meanings to colors used in logo design. 


Check out some of the famous brand logos of products and services that have been carrying on with successful business over the years. 

It can be bet that you will get to find that the above things have been adequately taken care of which lets the design of the logo and the character of the brand work so hard for you in the marketplace. 

Protecting your intellectual property (IP)… 

This is strongly recommended to do as someone could just whip out your logo/brand from under your nose for themselves. 

A package can be put together in conjunction with a leading patent attorney. 

Put your mind at rest and protect your brand for the future.

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