What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Advertising is solely concerned with the promotion of a product or brand, while graphic design usually has a broader remit, including the organisation and articulation of many of the products and brands themselves, as in the graphic design list. In this organisation, graphic design takes on informational and categorising duties too complex for straight advertising. Another difference is that part of the advertising process is nearly always to generate its own content (as well as its form), whereas graphic design is more often concerned with the presentation of content, rather than its creation. Such distinctions are certainly not hard and fast, which is perhaps why we arrive at the encompassing phrase Visual Communications.

Visual Communication is first and foremost what XDC specialises in – what I like to call, the dark art of effectively communicating your business message to the market – that's the goal right? We embed these intuitive graphic and business instincts into our specialistic discipline of logo and brand design, which is by far and away the most important part of any businesses marketing image, graphic design is a generic label for all of the rest of the other stuff. This is my qualification, this is what we specialise in, and this is what will benefit your business more so through the creation of your brand, your logo and your values as a business, getting it right from the beginning, so that in the end, you get more awareness, more business and achieve your business goals. This is what I like to call your creative business advantage – your return on investment – more advantages than simply hiring a graphic designer alone. What I am trying saying is that we are what you want us to be – we can do it all – we have the capacity.

What is the attraction of designing brand identities for you?
Well, corporate identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognised and understood. What could be better than that? Understanding what the you do, understanding your audience, being able to explain why we designed something a certain way, and inspire your client to a level beyond their expectations, to actually do, look at, try your service, or buy something of yours.

Graphic Design can be many things from concept to on-line or off-line: logo design; brand development and branding solutions; website design and development; corporate identity; business cards; adverts; advertisments; letterheads; envelopes; compliment slips; annual reports; brochures; flyers; leaflets; newsletters; catalogues; wine labels; self adhesive labels; banners; posters; forms; apparel swing tags; vehicle decals; vehicle signage; building signage; street signs; photo-manipulation; packaging; trademarks, copyrights & patents; illustration; tradeshow graphics; magazine advertising; newspaper adverts; idea & concept generation & visualisation; font design & creation; typography; photography; vouchers; tattoos; finished art; presentations; email templates; HTML templates; eNewsletters; trade show graphics; environmental graphics; project management; design consultation; good honest graphic design advice and more! 

"One thing you can be sure of though, well planned design provided by a qualified, experienced designer, will always trump Word Art provided by the bosses themselves or receptionists being asked by bosses to perform tasks outside of the role they are supposed to be filling."

Whether the job is big or small, the quality of our professional, elegant design work speaks volumes. 
We specialise in all digital design, be it logo design for print or signs or design for web or mobile platforms.

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An awesome logo design? 
Logo design is our specialty, check out XClint Testimonials and Current Projects for more...

A low cost website? 
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Marketing material printed? 

Graphic design of business cards, flyers, self adhesive labels or something very different – stand out from the crowd!


Vehicle decals, building signage plus banners and footpath signs too!

Promotional items? 

From golf balls to ballpoint pens to USB drives and apparel with screen printing & embroidery!

eMail and eNewsletter Templates? 

Keep your brand out there and educate your potential customers and maximize your repeat business!


Residential or Rural delivery of all your marketing material all over the place!

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Low cost advertising in Selwyn, Rolleston, Lincoln, Leeston, Prebbleton, West Melton and more!

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Personalised Graphic Design & Web Design in Christchurch, Rolleston, Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand & Australia.

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