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Logo Design Theory

A great logo should instantly sum up your company in a number of ways… 

• Reflect the emotional feel of your company (classic, wild, conservative, daring, strong, etc). 

• Convey a feeling of what your company does. 

• Be timeless (does not go out of fashion). 

• Be able to be scale to fit on anything from a business card to an airplane (who knows where you will expand to!). 

• Be original and stand out from your competitors. 

• Be understandable to your target market. 

• Above all else, contain a concept within the design to portray the unique nature of your business – the Point of Difference (POD), essence of your business or core values – the XClint-factor!

Now isn’t it time you stood out from the crowd!? 

Give your business a personality, a memorable character, and a real brand that it deserves to maximize your ROI! 

Turn customers heads towards you so they remember your distinctive "look" and "feel" and in time become your repeat customers. XDC is your strategic partner in achieving a creative asset for your business.

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Branding your company effectively with a new logo design creates a platform to take your business to the next level.

I like to say "take your business higher!"

XDC's logo and brand designer based in Rolleston and Christchurch has been designing logos for South Island companies for over 20 years. Our logo design and branding services include: Logos, company names, tag lines, slogans & bi-lines, internet marketing, social media marketing and eNewsletters and more!

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