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Your Logo Makes All The Difference To Your Public Identity…

So what is all this fuss and bother about "Corporate Identity"? 

What does the term corporate identity mean and how does having a well designed company logo and value proposition, set your business apart from other businesses within your sector? 

The term corporate identity can be defined as what or who the company really is and how they present themselves to the public. 

This definition is simple and perhaps a little too straightforward but it is by the very nature of being concise that you realise how simple this branding concept really is. There is no doubt that having a strong identity and presenting consumers with a smart company logo and genuine value proposition, will lead to ongoing business success. 

The corporate identity projected by a business including the company logo, value proposition and all over brand, communicates four key elements about the business to current and potential customers - who is the business, what does the business do, how does the business do what it does and what are the goals of the business. 

A company’s corporate identity translates to customers in two different ways: via the company’s corporate communication (including letterheads and the website) and via the company’s corporate personality (the individuals that represent the business on a day to day basis). These two elements must dovetail into one another so that the messages that are delivered to current and potential customers are congruent. There is no point after all, having a certain type of company logo and brand, that does not reflect the work done by the company or the service delivered by the employees. 

The key idea behind any corporate identity program (company logo, branding, mission statement, value proposition) is based around the fact that everything the company does, owns or produces has to project a clear, definitive statement. This statement needs to be consistent, simple and easy to understand and be able to be supported by real results. After all, if a company makes a claim they need to be able to back it up.

To succeed at branding, you must integrate any company logo and look that you have developed right across every point of contact that customers and prospects have with your business. This includes stationery design, website design and any advertising, marketing and promotional tools.

Because a brand is intangible, it lives in customers' minds and is more about recall than fact. Branding is how customers remember, experience and perceive your company. The more times they see your brand the better the chances of repeat customers. This is why getting your company logo right in your stationery design, website design and any advertising and marketing tools is so absolutely critical. Experiential marketing can help when you are planning how you will build you brand and translate it across your stationery design, website design and any advertising, marketing and promotional tools. Having some cold hard data that tells you what people think of your company and what people recall about their experiences with your company is the key to getting your company logo and brand right in your stationery design, website design and any advertising, marketing and promotional tools.