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Is your brand identity stopping you from getting more business?

A great company is only as good as its brand identity in print, web and signage, but this is perhaps one of the hardest parts of establishing a business. Often companies come across to consumers as sterile or unapproachable in their drive to appear successful. They erroneously make themselves appear too professional, not human, and out of reach. A good brand identity is one which turns a successful company into a friendly person, greeting new and existing customers with enthusiasm each time they stop by the website or storefront. That can be done pretty easily…

Bring a Logo and Brand to Life
To push consumers away is to appear unresponsive to both their needs and the wider world. The best brand identity is one that appears fluid and able to respond to external conditions. The best example of this is the Google logo. It has gained quite a reputation as being a social barometer, a public ticker of holidays, and a create expression of the collective consciousness. The Google logo responds to people, conveys the world, and is always in motion.
Experienced companies and branding professionals all agree that this isn’t just fun and creative, it’s also a genius way to brand a company. Remember that consumers want a company which “gets them.” They want to relate. The best way to relate, in the experience of myself and my colleagues, is to turn a logo into a bulletin board. Have the logo wish shoppers a happy Halloween, or have it comment on the particularly cold weather that’s been going on lately. Relating is half the battle of selling, and this is a great way to do that.

Good Branding Humanises a Company
The idea behind a good brand is that it should be as accessible to a consumer as their best friend, their mentor, or a trusted advisor. Companies need to use their logo, website, print and physical sign presence to make this happen. Leaving behind stuffy fonts, static websites, and overly professional content is the best way to retool a company as young, fresh, relatable, and authoritative. Don't just rely on a single media like a website. Print is the best way to support you and your business's website, but the branding must be the same.

How does your brand identity stack up?
Does your brand identity look drab and boring? 
Are you unsure about branding?