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Why Do I Need A Website?

Here is 5 Reasons why your business NEEDS a website… 

Customer Convenience: 24/7 from anywhere 
Potential customers can access full detailed information about your business products and services anywhere anytime they have an internet connection without having to visit your office. Millions of searches are done every day and it is common place for businesses to find their next supplier over the web. 

Say So Much more 
You can say so much more on a website than you could in any print advertisement, yellow pages, brochure or TV/radio advertisement as there are no space restrictions or time restrictions on a website, so you can say as much as you want. 

Cheap EFFECTIVE advertising 
Your customers will have a better knowledge of your products or services, as they are able to research your products or services in their own time, instead of having to rely on a furiously paced TV or radio ad to gather the information they need. 

Measurable results 
A web site allows you to track the number of visits and number of enquires or online sales in the case of an ecommerce site, thus showing the effectiveness of your site. With this information you can take steps to improve this ratio and increase sales. 

Professional Image 
With a professionally designed web site that is an extension of your brand, your site becomes part of the experience of doing business with you. A professional image online will separate you from the competition as the supplier of choice.